As a link between nations and continents, the control and domination of the sea paths has always been and still remains one of the major strategic issue of the 21st century.

Naval operations are any longer confined to the control and protection of the national waters and the EEZ but have enlarged their boundaries to the global theatre. The capability of naval operations and deployment of armed forces in the international chess-board is one of the major emerging role for the modern Navies as they are more and more called to support peace-keeping tasks in the attempt of grant global stability and support mitigation of crises in disputed area and waters.

At the other end, the growth of the hostile submarine ability to escape detection and destruction by anti-submarine forces is an increasing concern. The proliferating conventionally-powered (SSK) submarines are pushing the shift of the operational theatres toward naval operations in littoral and coastal areas. The latest technologies are offering to the vessels unprecedented stealth, endurance, survivability and intelligence capability. The nuclear submarines remain well in the picture even though they are serviced by a limited number of Navies and in coastal waters, midget submarines are likely to operate in greater and greater number, due to their affordability.

The combination of all the above mentioned threats, the proliferation of expendable anti-torpedo countermeasures and the round-the-clock naval operations demand for extremely advanced anti-submarine weapon capability.

If the sea is to remain the privileged centre of international free exchange, and its depths are not to become and invincible stronghold, Navies have to catch-up with the rapid changes of the naval warfare.

EUROTORP is the sole supplier today capable of meeting the modern naval requirements providing high-performance LWT systems well adapted to the underwater warfare of the third millennium.

The complementary product lines of the member companies of EUROTORP, together with the vast expertise and know-how within these companies, have placed EUROTORP in the best possible position to develop, produce and commercialise the most comprehensive underwater weapon systems.

To modernise or fully equip any naval fleet world-wide, EUROTORP is able to provide:
- Lightweight torpedoes
- Launching and handling systems for surface vessels helicopters and fixed wing aircraft
- Integration of launching platforms
- Facilities for sea trials
- Logistics support

EUROTORP is the only supplier able to take overall responsibility for the weapon system as a whole, covering launching system and torpedo, right from the point where the system is adapted to the customer’s operating specifications up to its integration into the launching platform and through to acceptance tests.

This complex process is strictly controlled within a rigorous quality management system based on international standards.

Eurotorp is certified ISO 9001:2008 and AQAP-2110 Ed. 3.