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The MU90 is the best-performing sea-proven Light-Weight Torpedo (LWT) on the market.
Thanks to a 30-year joint development and production program between France and Italy, the MU90 still copes with all the submarines’ threats from Blue to Brown waters and is the sole game-changing LWT which meets all of 21st century Anti-Submarine Warfare operational requirements, including sea-proven very shallow water, and midgets’ type submarines hunting-killing capabilities.

Stand-off operational engagement distance

Very shallow & confined water capabilities

Widest submarine engagement envelope
from 3 m to over 1 000 m

Unique lethality against any submarine
at any operational depth

Advanced Acoustic Counter
Counter Measure capability

Widest aerial launching envelope
with high altitude & speed release

MU90 LWT: fully qualified and deployed

Developed to answer the Common Naval Staff requirements and technical specification of the French and Italian authorities, the MU90 LWT is the result of a stringent and costly state qualification process. With over 1,200 rounds delivered (and ever-increasing production volumes) deployed over 150 platforms (surface ships, helicopters, maritime patrol aircrafts), and over 350 sea trials including 2 live firings, the MU90 is the deterrent Anti-Submarine weapon for protecting your maritime approaches and naval force deployments.

Equipped platforms




Operational Confidence

Receiving global success from a growing number of Navies (13 at this stage), the MU90 has become the LWT reference (notably within NATO) thanks to its unmatched sea-proven operational performances