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Growth potential

Facing unstable context and evolving ASW threats in a complex environment, EuroTorp has activated the MU90 growth potential to strengthen its level of excellence, in line with Navies’ operational expectations.
EuroTorp is thus implementing MU90 R&D Roadmap to keep MU90 as the best performing LWT system on the market, and adapt it to emerging ASW scenarios so that its user Navies retain operational superiority over time.


Hard-Kill from Surface Ship

One of the on-going developments is the MU90 Hard-Kill (HK) functionality from Surface Ship:
Facing growing efficiency limitation of regular Soft-Kill systems towards Heavy-Weight Torpedo (HWT) threats, navies now demand Torpedo Defense Solutions capable of defeating all types of HWT, even the most advanced acoustic or wake-homing.
Many Hard-Kill concepts for the protection of surface ships have been studied, but so far none has been qualified on board surface vessels demonstrating sufficient efficiency level.
The MU90 in its current Anti-Submarine (AS) version already has parameters and performances allowing it to evolve into a Hard-Kill vector, providing MU90 with a dual AS / HK capability from one single effector.